Woody Ranch Angus - Annual Production Sale

Live Event Starts: 3/27/22 1:30 PM (CDT) in 2 months, 6 days, 5 hours, and 50 minutes

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Scott Woods
2531 East Vine Drive
Barnard, KS 67418
(785) 792-7024

Auction Location

Scott Woods
Woody Ranch Angus
2156 North 260th Road
Barnard, KS 67418
(785) 792-7024

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3/27/22 1:30 PM (CDT) Woody Ranch Angus - Annual Production Sale

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WILLCOX LIVESTOCK: The largest string sold on Thursday at Willcox Livestock was 57 heifers (612#) at $145.50. The second largest string was 49 steers (596#) at $163.75 (VIEW REPORT)
Arizona Calf Tracker: The highest price paid for a calf string in Arizona in the last 30 days was $230.00 for 11 steers (355#) from Willcox. The second highest price paid was $223.00 for 10 steers (323#) from Willcox (VIEW REPORT)
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Arizona Calf Tracker: The largest calf string sold in Arizona in the last 30 days was 45 steers (452#) from Willcox at $208.50. The second largest string was 44 steers (471#) from Willcox at $185.50 (VIEW REPORT)
WILLCOX LIVESTOCK: The largest CALF string sold on Thursday at Willcox Livestock was 37 heifers (420#) at $162.50. The average price paid on Thursday for the top 10 calf strings at Willcox Livestock was $182.25, compared to $160.45 last reported. (VIEW REPORT)
U.S. CATTLE REPORT: Cattle trade steady at $137; Hogs Up $10 In 10 Days; Slaughter still slow; Another dry week out West... (VIEW REPORT)
MEATBOARD: Boxed Beef Choice: $292.98 (+1.38); Pork Carcass: $92.24 (-3.23); Chicken Breast: $233.91 (+1.81) (Thu pm)
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