Lot 47

ZumBrunnen Angus - Annual Fall Sale
Live Event Started: 12/14/21 1:00 PM (CST)


Sold For $3,000.00

STOCK UPDATE: Dow 30: 29,269.08 (-321.33); Nasdaq: 10,813.29 (-54.64); S&P 500: 3,657.31 (-35.92)
ENERGY PRICES: Crude Oil: $77.11 (-1.63); Heating Oil: $3.1316 (-0.1055); Natural Gas: $6.805 (-0.023) (Crude Oil Prices Pressured by a Soaring Dollar)
NATIONAL CALF TRACKER: The largest calf string sold this week was 129 steers (489#) from North Platte, Nebraska at $213.50. The average price paid this week for the top 10 calf strings was $210.85, compared to $218.00 last week
BLUEGRASS RICHMOND: The largest string sold on Friday at Bluegrass (Richmond) was 127 steers (760#) at $177.25. The second largest string was 119 steers (965#) at $166.00
EASTERN MISSOURI: The largest string sold at Eastern Missouri Commission on Friday was 57 heifers (884#) at $166.50. The second largest string sold was 56 heifers (868#) at $166.50
FORT SCOTT: The largest string sold at Fort Scott on Saturday was 69 heifers (743#) at $164.00. The second largest string was 65 steers (802#) at $177.00
Grocery store sales of meat by volume spiked at the onset of COVID-19 pandemic
CATTLE WEIGHTS: Live weights reported this week at 1,360 lbs., up 5 lbs. from last week, down 10 lbs. from last year (EWMP)
CORN MARKETS: It still looks like the market really doesn’t want to go anywhere until we get past the Sept. 30th reports. Export sales were poor at 182,300 MT, but then we had two daily sales announced this morning that added up to 206,600 MT (Schwieterman)
Zelensky reveals how much US pays Ukraine Covering Kiev’s expenses costs American taxpayers $1.5B a month, according to the Ukrainian president
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